Choices of caps and hats like no other in terms of comfort and style


A unique standard in style

At Yupoong, we are specialists in headwear. Our products are designed with an approach on comfort as well as look. Within our product line, the brands we hold are engineered to give you the caps and hats which can last you a lifetime, as well as define moments that will last forever.


For many years now, we have been consistently delivering caps and hats which our customers love. There are a variety of different brands that we hold dear to us, and each is created with a unique stand-alone purpose.

The Yupoong product line

Our products at Yupoong are designed by the best and for the best. Browsing through our selection, you will see that we have a wide array of hats and caps.

  • Flexfit: This cap was carefully created to be, as its name strongly implies, a flexible fit. The size of your head will not be a factor for the Flexfit. Comfort is its middle name and relaxation the outcome of wearing it.
  • The “One Ten”: The 110 borrows from its Flexfit brother. It too thrives on your head and stays there in the most comfortable of ways. By resting atop, it can accommodate various back closures for OSFA ease. There is a visor sticker and we guarantee that this products marks quality assurance.
  • The Classics: These hats make up the vast majority of our customer’s needs, in terms of style. Choose from snapbacks, jockeys, hooks and loops, and Military looking hats for your basic outgoing needs. Not only will you stand out, but you will do so comfortably.


The caps and hats we all need

If you’re here reading, than you know the true value of a good hat. You know that, though it is important what it looks like, that comfort is always a great bonus. The caps and hats offered at Yupoong give you the best of all worlds.

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